[Live-demo] information about gdal

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Thu May 2 20:54:19 PDT 2013

On 05/02/2013 07:50 PM, Angelo Paone wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am using osgeo-live 6.5 with the virtual box on windows 7, I am trying to
> install the last version of a 'Geophysical Mass Flow Numerical Code' called
> titan-3.0.0 from Buffallo Uniuversity (http://www.gmfg.buffalo.edu/) on
> Xubuntu Linux in osgeo-live. I have maneged to install the previus patched
> version titan-.2.0.1. When I tried to install the last version with two
> different kinds of commands:
> a) $ ./configure CXX=mpicxx CC=mpicc CPPFLAGS=DOMPI_IGNORE_CXX_SEEK
> LIBS=-lgfortran
> $ make
> $ make install
> b) sh install-titan.sh
>   For both installation I have a problem with a file called GdalApi.cc. I
> attach the error in the installation with a notepad file. I thought was
> because I did not have Gdal installed on osgeo-live but this is not correct
> because osgeo-live has Gdal in it as you, people can tell me.
> I hope that someone can suggest me some way out of this problem. and if the
> problem is because of Gdal??
> I wish to hear from you as soon as possible
> Best Wishes
> Angelo Paone

I think this is more of a question for the GDAL project mailing lists. A 
quick guess though is that you are missing the header source files for 
gdal. These files are not important for running gdal but are important 
for compilation.

Try installing libgdal1-dev:
sudo apt-get install libgdal1-dev

Can you include last section of the error message. Based on what you 
said we can only guess that the error is somewhere in or related to the 
Titan source file 


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