[Live-demo] updated presentation

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Tue Sep 3 12:56:36 PDT 2013

 > With or without [-] will not cause confusion or change the 
dissemination of our good name.
You're right, but I still think that the name of the thing is 
important.  Keeping it consistent isn't that hard.  Then people who want 
to refer to this great thing aren't in doubt about what it's called.  
live.osgeo.org uses a - consistently (apart from the logo), and the rest 
of the notes appear to use a - consistently.

 > This OSGeoLive Lightening Overview
It's Lightning, not Lightening.  It's Lightning, not Lightening.

 > help  increase the awareness and uptake of the breath of quality 
GeoSpatial Open Source
Did you mean "the BREADTH of quality Geospatial Open Source [software]" 
?  How do you increase the uptake of the breadth of software?  I just 
don't get this sentence.

 > Lets start by ...

 > OpenLayers is provides an extensive set
OpenLayers provides an extensive set...

 > All functionally runs inside the web browser
All functionality?

 > the Information Centre for the Environment at the University of 
California, Davis
the Information CENTER for the Environment at the University of 
California (I did wonder whether "Davis" was another organisation in 
that comma-separated list, rather than the location of the ICE)

Yes I know these are only notes for the speaker, not a published text, 
but still, it might as well be right.  And it's a lot easier to 
translate something which is correct rather than spend time wondering 
what was meant.  And you did ask for feedback ;)

Hope that helps!

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