[Live-demo] [Ubuntu] Fwd: Re: [OSGeo] #1238: shp2pgsql-gui is missing

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Fri Sep 13 00:23:21 PDT 2013

On 09/12/2013 11:20 PM, Hamish wrote:
> Alex wrote:
>> Ok, Evan R pointed out the postgis-gui package which I hadn't seen
>> before.
> where does it come from? I don't see it either in the Debian or Ubuntu
> official package archives.
>> I went ahead an used that but noticed that it doesn't put a menu
>> item in or show in unity app searches. Now the question is where to file
>> that enhancement request. ie. A gui is nice but kind odd when you have
>> to know the CLI call to launch it.
> It's pretty easy, just make a postgis-gui.desktop file and in the
> packaging tell it to install to /usr/share/applications/ [do that in 
> debian/packagename.install]. The menus will auto-assemble based on
> the Categories=; line. See many of the install_*.sh scripts on the
> osgeo live dvd for examples of what it should look like, or just browse
> around the /usr/share/applications/*.desktop files.
> full details on the freedesktop.org site, but they seem to like to
> keep people on their toes by maintaining a moving target for the spec.
> (to be fair I'm not sure how much of that is them and how much is due
> to gnome whims)
> regards,
> Hamish

It's in the postgis package on ubuntugis

Built packages
liblwgeom-2.0.3 PostGIS "Lightweight Geometry" library
liblwgeom-dev PostGIS "Lightweight Geometry" library - Development files
libpostgis-java Geographic objects support for PostgreSQL -- JDBC support
postgis Geographic objects support for PostgreSQL
postgis-doc Geographic objects support for PostgreSQL -- documentation
postgis-gui Geographic objects support for PostgreSQL
postgresql-9.1-postgis-2.0 Geographic objects support for PostgreSQL 9.1
postgresql-9.1-postgis-2.0-scripts Geographic objects support for
PostgreSQL 9.1 -- scripts

Ya I'd like to pass that tip on to whoever manages the package, looks
like Jerome is a candidate to figure it out.


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