[Live-demo] [Ica-osgeo-labs] Education slide in OSGeo-Live presentation?

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Thanks for this. I will add an OSGeo-Education slide into the OSGeo Live Presentation.

For info, i had requested Jason Sadler (University of Southampton) for  registering the domain names geoforall.org and geo4all.org.  Jason has informed me that both these domain names have been registered by him for 2 years. Many thanks Jason and the University of Southampton for this.

This url is important as it is not only it is our motto for ICA-OSGeo labs initiative but it is simple and easy to remember. We need to always make the message as simple as possible for maximum impact.

I will later today do skype teleconference with Jason and we will do our best to get a simple website up in a month's time, so that we do not lose the momentum build by FOSS4G 2013. We will try to use as much content from Manuel's initial draft website and current OSGeo wiki site  to build our new website. Thanks again to Manuel for getting the initial work done for us and now it is time for all of us to build upon this.

I will also setup a small subcommittee for our website with Jason, Manuel, Frank, Anne, Jeff and myself (if any others wish to join please let me know). The first version of the website will be basic with main content drawn from our wiki site, Manuel's initial site, links to webmap of labs and a blog (so we can keep latest news/events updated). Once it is ready, we will link it to the index page of OSGeo ( i have already spoken to Frank and Anne on this and they will help us with this). That will make sure the message reaches more educators and universities.


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On 23/09/13 17:56, Suchith Anand wrote:

PS:  Could i also request all of you to put atleast one slide about our education initiative in any presentation you are giving.
The OSGeo-Live presentation is probably where you would wish to insert an OSGeo-Education slide?
You might want to suggest content for the current, or an additional slide. (Note, this presentation is a "lightening overview, and as such needs to be concise)".

The latest presentation is now stored at:

The current slide contains the following:

Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
Since 2006 A Non Profit Umbrella for:
* GeoSpatial Free and Open Source Software
* Education
* Open Data

Presenters script: OSGeo-Live derives its name from the Open Source GeoSpatial Foundation, or OSGeo for short. The OSGeo Foundation was set up in 2006 as a non-profit umbrella organisation to support development and promotion of quality GeoSpatial Open Source Software and Open Data.

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