[Live-demo] Another OSGeo-Live BoF at FOSS4G today after OSGeo AGM

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 25 17:15:03 PDT 2013

Jeremy wrote:

> Regarding the proxy, we didn't ourselves directly re-configure
> the USBs/DVDs but provided instructions on how to configure the
> settings for use in the practicals. I've attached that document
> as a PDF (I can share a Google Docs version if you like). The
> scope of this is limited to system, apt, Firefox, and QGIS
> configuration (as well as the keyboard layout). It
> seems most of the applications have a proxy setting which often is
> separate from system settings, so might need checking one by one.

for system wide proxy unfortunately not every software respects the
http_proxy enviro variable, but many do.  In r10926 I've added a
template which should make it into ~/.profile, the user just has
to edit and uncomment, then log out and back in. (is logging out
and back in working again on DVD boots?)

re. pdf notes:
'apt-get update' and upgrade on a USB is likely to eat quite a bit of
room on a USB install. These days ubuntu regularly checks on its own,
I was thinking to change the setting in synaptic to check once per week
to avoid DVD booters from having to waste the RAM-disk on it.

> QGIS 2:  I understand that this is a pretty big job and so might
> have to wait till 7.5. It seems a shame though to have to wait 6
> months to get this latest and greatest release in, especially
> given the noise it's generated. Hence a 7.1 release before
> Christmas (rather than 7.0.1). But I can see that this probably
> disrupts the usual schedule more than is perhaps warranted.

I don't think we have the people power to do an early 7.25, it's much
more than just a 7.0.1 bugfix build since we have to rebuild the whole
thing and the PPAs and download sites do not stand still so we have to
retest and recertify /everything/. It's a huge amount of work putting out
a (tested and working) release! :)

I think the best we can do for the 7.0 line is to make sure that
"sudo apt-get install qgis" works. (since it is likely to be in
the UbuntuGIS ppa, which is already in the repo list)


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