[Live-demo] FOSS4G abstract on OSGeo-Live

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Tue Apr 15 21:36:18 PDT 2014

FYI, I've submitted a talk about my current research on the OSGeo-Live
community and the distribution of users. It will briefly cover what is
OSGeo Live and example use cases. It is not the catalog of everything on
the disc, in case someone wants to try and get a time slot for that.

Here's a copy of my abstract...

Barriers to FOSS4G Adoption: OSGeo-Live case study

OSGeo-Live is a Linux distribution, available in virtual machine,
bootable DVD, or bootable USB formats, containing a curated collection
of the latest and best Free and Open Source Geospatial (FOSS4G)
applications. This talk investigates the correlations between worldwide
download distribution, and community participation against indicators of
economic, technical knowledge and socio-cultural barriers to geospatial
technology and FOSS adoption. Better understanding the barriers of
technology transfer are important to the outreach efforts of the FOSS4G
community, and understanding the market development potential of FOSS4G
around the world.
Results of an analysis of the OSGeo-Live community will be shown but the
techniques discussed can be applied to any software project.


PS: I expect my Phd dissertation to be done before Foss4g and will make
this chapter available when that time comes.

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