[Live-demo] Geomajas version in osgeo livedvd 8.5 trunk

Matthias Streulens Geomajas matthias.streulens at geomajas.org
Tue Dec 9 12:35:00 PST 2014


We are busy with a new release for the new OSGeo Live DVD.
There where some bugs in the latest Geomajas release I tested for the 
osgeo livedvd.

There is now a false commit. But we can not revert to an old Geomajas 
version (1.8) now released in the 8.0 dvd...
You may find some problems with testing Geomajas on the nightly builds 
of 8.5!

We have a fix for our problem and it will be in the new 8.5 dvd deployed 
before 2014/12/23 (feature freeze).

To be continued soon. :-)

Kind regards,
Geomajas Community System Admin

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