[Live-demo] design for an OSGeo-Live postcard - please give feedback

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Tue Feb 4 14:28:04 PST 2014


( background
this year on FOSSGIS 2014 in march in Berlin we do not give DVDs with
OSGeo Live to the participants of the conference .

Instead we want to give postcards to the participants of the conference
with the important information about OSGeo-Live. We also want to provide a
"station" where people can bring there USB drive and create a Bootable
OSGeo-Live USB flash drive.

Now we would like to ask you for your feedback:

Anton (and me) designed an OSGeo-Live postcard with a front and back.
* it could be used on conferences and fairs
* could be translated to other languages

We would like to ask you for feedback
* is the english ok?
* is important information missing
* any suggestions

YOu find the postcard design here:

[1] Front http://www.fossgis.de/wiki/Datei:Timeless_front-01.1.png
[2] Back http://www.fossgis.de/wiki/Datei:Timeless_back-04.1.png


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