[Live-demo] isolinux.bin file falis md5 checksum on osgeo-live-8.5.iso

Christopher Duncombe Rae, DEA cmdrae.dea at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 00:33:59 PDT 2015


New to the list. Just downloaded OSGeo Live 8.5 dvd iso. Checked the posted
md5sum of the iso; it passes okay. Wrote the iso to dvd. Mounted it and saw
a file md5sum.txt in the top level of the dvd, so I ran an md5sum check on
all files on the dvd and returned isolinux/isolinux.bin NOT OK. Checked the
iso image itself by mounting -o loop, and the check sum for that file also
fails, so it is not the writing to dvd that made the error. The iso boots
and runs, so I am not concerned, but why does this file fail the checksum?
And might this bite me later? The file I downloaded was osgeo-live-8.5.iso.

Chris Duncombe Rae
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