[Live-demo] Starting build cycle for OSGeo-Live 9.0

Activity Workshop mail at activityworkshop.net
Thu May 21 10:48:59 PDT 2015

Hi all,

Around this time in the build cycle I often get asked "what version of
software should we take into the build process?"  and I always answer
the same thing - take the default package from the Ubuntu repositories
which you're using for the build.  It's just the easiest way for everyone.

For OSGeo-Live 9.0, I'm not sure but I think I heard that you will
continue to use Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty as the base because it's an LTS
version.  Is that true?  And if so, do you have any plans to take
certain packages from later versions of Ubuntu, like 15.04, or is that
too risky in terms of breaking stuff?
I think that OSGeo-Live should be a kind of showcase for what's
currently available, and if everything comes from 14.04 repositories,
then there'll be no difference between OSGeo-Live 8.5 and 9.0, right? 
Do you have any plans for how to update the geo applications without
having to update the whole Ubuntu underneath?


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