[Live-demo] Report 1 - Integration of geospatial OSS in educational notebooks

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Sun May 31 10:31:01 PDT 2015

Hi, please see below the report for week1.

Code, documentation and reports will be stored on Github.
this report is available online on the project repository at:
https://github.com/epifanio/IPython_notebooks/blob/master/OSGeo-live/osgeolive-gsoc-2015/Report/Weekly%20report%201.ipynb <https://github.com/epifanio/IPython_notebooks/blob/master/OSGeo-live/osgeolive-gsoc-2015/Report/Weekly%20report%201.ipynb>




Integration of geospatial OSS in educational notebooks
Week 1 report

What have I completed this week?

I made a fork of the OSGeo Ipython Notebook repository and start to refactoring its entire structure. The GSOC code will have its own directory on the github repository.
Code, documentation and report will be stored entirely on github. For this week I re-worked the directory structure for the entire repository as follow:
IPython_notebooks (root directory)
OSGeo-live (directory already in use from osgeo-live)
OSGeo_project_name (directory containing notebooks for a specific project (i.e. GRASS, FIONA, IRIS) this directory is not part of GSOC 2015 and is the place where other developers can store their own notebooks to be used during workshop/tutorial/quickstart etc )
Report (directory where to store reports in the form of notebooks)
Notebooks (main directory of this GSOC project: Integration of geospatial OSS in educational notebooks)
osgeolive (python library to be used as set of utility functions for the educational notebooks )

The above structure is not definitive.

What am I going to achieve next week?

Continue to work on the directory structure for the repository
Choose a main theme (use-case) which will drive the development of most of the educational notebooks:
Most of the work for next week will be in defining a coherent outline structure, developed in more details based on a use-case. I will identify an area and a relevant use case and develop each educational notebooks around it. This way i can connect all the dots (the topics) in an end-to-end workflow from raw data (I/O topic) to a final product (Web-GIS tool as service for end-user)
Finish a first draft of the outline to be presented to my mentors and to the list for review and feedback

Are there any blocking issue?



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