[Live-demo] Introducing 24dev-demo OSGeo Live Addon

Patrick McGovern pmcgover at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 14:27:15 PDT 2015

The OSGeo Live DVD has a great collection of software and is a unique
development environment.  I created a customizable *Addon*, "24dev-demo"
for prototyping applications and scripts for the OSGeo Live DVD.

This demo is intended to provide users with an easy way to try and develop
applications alongside OSGeo. The "24dev" name is a play on words for: "Two
For DEVelopment", via the Open Source Community (OSC) and you the Open
Source Developer (OSD).

I have uploaded the tar file to github at 24dev-demo
<https://github.com/pmcgover/24dev-demo>.  I hope to add a GIS application
in a future release.  Please let me know what you think.


Pat McGovern
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