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Angelos Tzotsos gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 04:01:10 PDT 2015

I realize that my previous e-mail was not received by the list so I 

1. OSGeo-Live is already cloud-ready on Synnefo stack
So basically we could deploy synnefo + geneti on OSGeo infrastructure 
and have a Free Software solution.
Alternatively we could deploy an OpenStack instance.
We should ask SAC if the above options are feasible.

2. In case we want to deploy OSGeo-Live on AWS, it seems straightforward:

Any other options in mind?


On 10/18/2015 01:32 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Bringing a few different email threads back to one, and answering 
> Suchith's "next steps" question:
> On 16/10/2015 12:43 am, Suchith Anand wrote:
>> Cameron - from your experiences with OSGeo live community, what do 
>> you think is the best way now forward ? Can you please summarise all 
>> discussions so far and reply to the public lists.Thanks.
>> Suchith
> If we are to be successful at setting up an OSGeo-Live sustainable 
> cloud service, I suggest we consider:
> 1. Would a cloud service be used? By who?
> I'd suggest that people who want a cloud service speak up, say how you 
> would use an OSGeo-Live cloud service. We are looking here to 
> determine if there is a sustaining community who will step up to keep 
> the project maintained with each OSGeo-Live release.
> 2. What are the steps technically required to set up the cloud 
> service? Hopefully someone will step up to do the research on what is 
> required, and will set up a Proof-of-Concept.
> 3. What will hosting a cloud service cost? Would it be a 
> pay-as-you-use model? Would we be asking the OSGeo Foundation to 
> sponsor? Would we be asking workshop providers to pay for the service?
> I suspect that we could ask the OSGeo Foundation for base funding to 
> prove a Proof of Concept (by paying for a cloud service for 1 year or 
> so), but ask workshop providers and other users to pay for the service 
> in moving forward.
> This is something that can be decided once costs are understood.
> 4. But the bottom line is that the best chance of success will occur 
> if someone stands up and champions its development.  Do we have 
> someone interested to do the hard work of making it happen? (Speak up 
> if interested). It certainly would be a valuable contribution to the 
> OSGeo community.
> Warm regards, Cameron
> On 14/10/2015 7:59 pm, Peter Baumann wrote:
>>> >  1.Do you think it is important to have a cloud service that runs 
>>> the OSGeo-Live VM
>> not necessarily a cloud, as the whole OSGeo Live is not prepared.
>> But definitely hosting it on a VM (for easy cloning + move) is an 
>> asset - any
>> demo just needs to show a URL then.
>>> >
>>> >  2.What are the steps that we need to take to make this possible
>> find a caretaker with a machine.
>> Jacobs University can do that, for example, in tight collaboration 
>> with Angelos
>> on technical level.
>> -Peter
> On 15/10/2015 2:53 am, Giuseppe Amatulli wrote:
>> Hi,
>> under the http://www.spatial-ecology.net/ initiative we  use the the 
>> OSGeo-Llive for courses and intensive training in Geo Computation.
>> In this line we have been used also Amazon Web Service to teach 
>> remote connection and scripting routines in the cloud. For this I was 
>> customize a Ubuntu Instance very similar to the OSGeo-Llive.
>> Nonetheless, would be grate  to have the OSGeo-Llive directly hosted 
>> in AWS to allow teach but also to provide to the course participants  
>> something that they can use after the course.
>> The AWS Educate <https://aws.amazon.com/education/awseducate/> 
>> provide grants for education so maybe an official cooperation 
>> OSGeo&AWS can be a solution to host for free a OSGeo-Llive Instance
>> Best Regards
>> Giuseppe
>> On 10/13/2015 05:57 PM, Suchith Anand wrote:
>>> >Hi all,
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >Myself, Maria and Peter are now at ESA event and had a chance to 
>>> catch up on ideas for future to expand education globally.
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >I also remembered that few months back, we had an initial 
>>> discussion on  the importance of having a cloud service that runs 
>>> the OSGeo-Live VM to help running workshops at conferences, training 
>>> events etc. Venka made this idea in one of the Geo4All AB 
>>> discussions on workshops at FOSS4G Bonn that i copy below
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >"Instead of buying 80-100 computers, it could be a worth 
>>> considering to pay for a cloud service that runs the OSGeo-Live VM. 
>>> Maybe one of our sponsoring companies could be approached to deploy 
>>> such OSGeo Software as a Service solution.Such service could be made 
>>> available to any event/institution wishing to run their own 
>>> workshops anywhere place on earth with a good internet connection 
>>> and thin client. For subsequent events or users could be charged to 
>>> cover cost of cloud hosting and paying for some developers to 
>>> maintain the system.If the experiment is successful, we can think of 
>>> replicating it in our globally through our local chapters."
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >Me, Maria and Peter in our discussions today, thought it is good 
>>> time to start doing something about this and have this for scaling 
>>> up our education and training needs globally. So it will be good to 
>>> get ideas from key people, so i request you all to give your 
>>> thoughts/ideas.
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >1.Do you think it is important to have a cloud service that runs 
>>> the OSGeo-Live VM.
>>> >
>>> >2.What are the steps that we need to take to make this possible
>>> >
>>> >Looking forward to your inputs.
>>> >
>>> >Suchith
>>> >
>>> >
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