[Live-demo] Proposal for Live-Demo Application Addons

Patrick McGovern pmcgover at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 07:12:32 PDT 2015

I have searched for a robust way to demo my Postgres
R, and QC testing applications on a Linux platform.  I looked at various
LiveCD remastering processes to no avail.  Then I found OSGeo and really
like the open application friendly environment that allows for easy
database/application creation from the command line and a superb USB flash
drive setup!  I assembled these programs which can be untared to an OSGeo
liveCD and become fully operational by *running one install script - It
just works!  *

The OSGeo platform is an amazing development platform!  I would like to
propose that you recognize this and leverage this capability as yet another
OSGeo feature.  I realize that you have Grass addons but these are
different because they are independent of the Live OSGeo DVD and may not
contain GIS programs.  The user simply installs the addon that meets their
needs and can modify to their hearts content.  A great way to learn and
leverage open source applications.  However, recognizing these addons may
require some forethought for future releases to make sure they work with
minimal changes.

I hope to finish my beta release in a few weeks but wanted to run the idea
by this group first to get a feel for it.  I was thinking that I could
upload my tar file to github as a MIT open source project.  Then users
could start with this project and easily create their own and add them to
github.  While I could do this without reaching out to your community, I
thought your ideas and contributions would be invaluable.
Pat McGovern
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