[Live-demo] Custom OSGeo-Live packages with official Debian packaging available

Sebastiaan Couwenberg sebastic at xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 24 11:17:21 PDT 2015

osm2psql is not the only custom package in OSGeo-Live that also has
packaging available in Debian.

The following packages can also switch to just rebuilding the source
packages from Debian for OSGeo-Live, in random order:

 * python-netcdf4 (1.1.0-0~trusty1)

   Available in Debian as: netcdf4-python

   netcdf4-python (1.2.0-1) was uploaded to unstable today.

 * osmapi (0.4.1-0~trusty0)

   Available in Debian as: python-osmapi

   python-osmapi (0.6.0-1) is available in unstable, testing &

 * pgrouting (2.0.0-release-ppa1~trusty1)

   Available in Debian under the same name:

   No newer version in Debian though.

 * geolinks (0.0.1-2~trusty0)

   Available in Debian under the same name:

   geolinks (0.2.0-1) was uploaded to unstable recently.

 * rasterio (0.10.1-0~trusty1)

   Available in Debian under the same name.

   rasterio (0.25.0-1) is available testing & unstable.

 * rtree (0.8.0-0~trusty1)

   Available in Debian as: python-rtree

   python-rtree (0.8.2+ds-2) is available in testing & unstable,
   and also provides a package for Python 3.

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