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Wed Aug 31 14:19:47 PDT 2016


I was suppose to do it but never had enough time for making a PR...
I've done MapServer internationalization and the French Python Guide
translation (including sphinx + transifex support + read the docs) e.g

Do you have an existing repository for beginning?
Do you need to discuss on this directly? Skype, IRC or other channels (I
will provide these informations if you need)?

You can see a small proof of concepts with modifications for this purpose
at https://github.com/ThomasG77/OSGeoLive-doc/tree/transifex

Be cautious: I've removed all languages directories as I would build per
language and then copy the output in a build process after porting each
language translation in Transifex

I've run

     make getttext

then done

    sphinx-intl update -p _build/locale -l ca -l de -l el -l en -l es -l fr
-l hu -l it -l ja -l ko -l pl -l ru -l zh

PS: sphinx-intl should be installed as a python package


    make -e SPHINXOPTS="-D language='fr'" html

You will see a lot of unwanted processing during this phase due to the
previous way of managing per directory translations logic I didn't remove.

Open in your browser the following
_build/html/en/quickstart/qgis_quickstart.html to see the title of the QGIS
quickstart in French


Thomas Gratier

2016-08-31 21:59 GMT+02:00 Jakob Miksch <jakob.miksch at posteo.eu>:

> Hi everyone,
> at the code sprint in Bonn we were starting to move the translation to
> Transifex. However, we just created the account on transifex so far
> https://www.transifex.com/osgeo/osgeolive . Astrid and me are admins.
> I had some problems creating the English .pot files. I tried to do it with
> Sphinx.
> Does anyone have experience how to move the documentation to Transifex?
> Otherwise we could ask other open source projects ...
> best wishes,
> Jakob
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