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Thanks, I think this option is perfect.
I will try to send the pull request with the both scripts as soon as possible. I’m just doing some final tests, to check that everything is working properly.


From: Cameron Shorter
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To: Gabriele Prestifilippo; Angelos Tzotsos
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Subject: Re: [Live-demo] Submit new project - NASA WorldWind

Hi Gabriele,
Great to hear that you aim to version WebWorldWind, although I appreciate that it might not be ready for the next release.

I suggest that WebWorldWind be attempted to be packaged for the next release, but if it is not ready (with a defined version number) then we will not advertise it in the upcoming release. (Ie, the docs won't be included but the application will be on the USB, so it could be used in workshops if needed).

When a release number is sorted out, it can then be linked in with the rest of the documentation.
Many applications which have joined OSGeo-Live have followed this process, getting a beta working first, then going public with the following release.

With regards to schedule [1]:
* Draft installers should for new applications should be in place by 11 Jan 2016. We can be a little flexible with this date.
* Feature freeze for all applications is 1 Feb 2016. This is a hard date that applications should be ready by.

As you might note, you have quite a bit of work to do if you are to make the next release. So depending on how quickly you can work, we might need to focus on getting a draft in place for this release, and final for next release.

What do you think? How quickly do you think you can pull components together?

Cheers, Cameron

[1] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kO6zzmLFfprZGgp5x7Sjwi-EVN6NTGDR4KXvFVtNpR0/edit?hl=en_GB#gid=0

On 9/01/2016 10:58 pm, Gabriele Prestifilippo wrote:
Dear all,
I’ve been talking with Patrick, and we agreed on versioning with a tagged release WebWorldWind, although this cannot be achieved for technical reasons before few weeks at least. I clearly understand that having a tagged release is useful for different reasons.
Since at the moment we cannot officially define it, I would suggest to mark it as ‘pre-release’ or even 0.1.0 but not formally until they can mark it. I still support the inclusion because, as I previously mentioned the web version is the one with the greatest expectation and a wider future.
Let me know what you think about it, or if you have other ideas regarding it. Unless we could wait for the next release to include it.

From: Angelos Tzotsos
Sent: sabato 9 gennaio 2016 12:34
To: Gabriele Prestifilippo; Cameron Shorter
Cc: Brian M Hamlin; live-demo at lists.osgeo.org
Subject: Re: [Live-demo] Submit new project - NASA WorldWind
Gabriele, how about a 0.x release number, until there is a feature complete 1.0 release?
On Sat, Jan 9, 2016 at 1:08 PM, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com> wrote:
I'll rephase "requirement" to "strongly request the version of World Wind Web installed on OSGeo-Live be allocated a version number", for the reasons listed below.
Gabriele, do you think this is achievable?

I think I'm safe in saying that using version numbers is in line with best practice software engineering, and one of the indications of project maturity we wish to encourage.

Cheers, Cameron
On 9/01/2016 9:30 am, Brian M Hamlin wrote:
+1 kalxas

On Fri, 8 Jan 2016 13:09:24 +0200, Angelos Tzotsos <gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Cameron, 
Given that we include at least another project that uses "trunk" (for many years now) and not a released version, we cannot make this a hard requirement in my opinion
On Fri, Jan 8, 2016 at 7:52 AM, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Gabriele,
Thanks for offering to help with reducing packaging size. That will be helpful.

I also think it would be very valuable for the version of the World Wind Web to be installed on OSGeo-Live to be allocated a version number. There are many reasons for this, including:
1. People will be able to determine if the version of World Wind Web they are looking at is the latest version.
2. People will be able to determine if they should upgrade to a more recent version (because they are looking at an older version)
3. Developers and users will be able to align feature lists and bug reports with specific version numbers, which will help users determine whether to upgrade

I think that defining a package version number should be a prerequisite for including the package on OSGeo-Live. The version number could be called "beta" so long as it is considered "stable" by the developer and user community.

Warm regards, Cameron 
On 7/01/2016 2:22 am, Gabriele Prestifilippo wrote:
the Java version and the JavaScript’s one, are two different applications, so we need to separate them. 
I understand that the size of the Java might be a problem. I can try to work a bit on it and delete the not strictly necessary files from the original package, so to achieve a reasonable size. 
Regarding the web version, I may ask Patrick about a tagged release, even if now it seems to appear as ‘pre-release’ version. 
Even though I want to reassure you that in spite of being not even a beta, its usage was growing consistently in the past two years (as you may see from the different projects developed), and no bugs were reported. It is tagged in this way because not all the features available in the Java version are yet available.   

From: Angelos Tzotsos
Sent: mercoledì 6 gennaio 2016 14:32
To: Cameron Shorter; Gabriele Prestifilippo
Cc: live-demo at lists.osgeo.org
Subject: Re: [Live-demo] Submit new project - NASA WorldWind
Thank you Gabriele for the detailed responses.
I also strongly support the inclusion of Nasa World Wind in OSGeoLive.
Regarding the size of the installation, I would like to try a basic installation first (without documentation to save some space) so we can find out how much World Wind will compress in the iso. The next step would be to try to use the data already present in the disk. Then we will be able to make a decision regarding the amount of sample data that will be needed.
Regarding Java vs Web version, personally I would like to see both included. 
Having a tagged release is a good sign of stability, so I would prefer to have a tagged version included. This would also help potential packaging efforts.
On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 2:24 PM, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks Gabriele,
Based on your responses, it seems that Go World Wind is a mature, established open source GIS product, which is in line with the principles of OSGeo Live.

On the downsite, it appears to be a large product, which may be a challenge to fit on OSGeo-Live. I'd be interested to hear thoughts from Angelos and others in that regard.

The documentation does appear to be comprehensive and I feel shouldn't be included with the OSGeo-Live release (it can be referenced). Instead just provide standard OSGeo-Live Project Overview and Quickstart.

Also, I request you make use of existing OSGeo-Live sample data rather that adding a new dataset. This reduces disk space and helps with comparisons and integration between applications.


I'm undecided on whether World Wind Web is ready. I'd be hoping to see a specific stable version nominated for inclusion. 
It also seems to have a relatively new development history, so might not have reached a stable release yet?

Would it make to bundle GeoWorldWind and WorldWindWeb together? Or are they two stand alone applications?

Warm regards, Cameron

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