[Live-demo] Press Release DRAFT v9.5

Angelos Tzotsos gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 11:41:23 PDT 2016

Thanks for the draft and review so far.

I am also in favor of removing location from the beginning of the press 
release. I am also in favor of removing specific contributor names and 
quotes from the text.

We should avoid using specific project names (especially so many times 
in the text), unless we are going to list all of them. We should not be 
favoring projects, while not mentioning others at all. Same for the 
python stack: we have not included Jupyter in our docs yet, we should 
not be mentioning them in the press release...


On 03/21/2016 09:45 AM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Hi lets meet at in 12 hours on IRC to finalise content of the Press 
> Release:
> http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingdetails.html?hour=19&min=30&sec=0&p1=179&p2=189&p3=224&p4=22&p5=240&p6=196&p7=215 
> Thanks Brain for adding some background context. I think we should use 
> some of your suggestions (and pad out my initially short 1 sentence 
> introduction).
> With regards to layout, there are a few suggestions I'd like to suggest.
> This revised version now repeats content in places. We should respect 
> our readers' time and only say things once.
> Likewise, we should try to be concise. I think we should aim to have 
> core content in one paragraph. Remaining content can be under 
> following headings, making it easy for a reader to decide whether to 
> keep reading or not.
> You have introduced a location for the press release "Greece". This is 
> a nice way to acknowledge Angelos who had been putting in an 
> impressive effort keeping turning this project over, and putting out 
> builds. However, I think we should also be thankful and recognise all 
> the volunteers who contribute, who come from all over the world. As 
> such, I suggest dropping the location.
> For the same reason, I don't think I should be singled out to be 
> quoted. I do like the quote though.
> Instead tweak to:
> "We, the OSGeo-Live team, believe this release to be the best 
> OSGeo-Live to date. It includes the technical benefits of a rock-solid 
> Ubuntu 1404 LTS, combined with the light-weight LXDE desktop interface 
> for ease of use, and 8 years of continual improvements from the OSGeo 
> community. We been touched to see significant interest from the 
> educational and government sectors."
> I'm wary of singling out a subset of applications that have been 
> improved, unless there has been a big jump in functionality since last 
> release. (QGIS might fit that category)
> Cheers, Cameron
> On 21/03/2016 4:28 pm, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> On 03/21/2016 03:22 AM, Brian M Hamlin wrote:
>>> https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Disc_Press_Release_66#OSGeo-Live_9.5_Released 
>>>    any thoughts about "geopackage" support ?  major features missing ?
>> For GeoPackage support you're missing GDAL 2.0 and SpatiaLite 4.3.0 at
>> least.
>> Kind Regards,
>> Bas
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