[Live-demo] Should OSGeo-Live drop from 2 to 1 release per year?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at lisasoft.com
Tue Oct 25 15:44:26 PDT 2016

Extending impromptu IRC discussion today ...

With the increased maturity and stability of OSGeo-Live we are considering
reducing the OSGeo-Live release cycle to once a year, releasing just before
the global FOSS4G. (Previously we have been releasing twice per year).

With 8 years of continual development and refinement, and hundreds of
contributors, OSGeo-Live now boasts an extensive, thoroughly tested
baseline of quality software, documentation and translations.

While we have considerably improved the automation of the OSGeo-Live build
process, with increased content and quality releases are still very
volunteer labour intensive. Each release requires a significant amount of
manual work to chase down projects, update documentation and translations,
test and fix releases.

Also because of the depth of material, there is a reduced proportional
improvement of each release compared to the previous baseline.
Therefore, we are considering reducing OSGeo-Live release cycle to once per
year, stretching out our release cycle and allowing the OSGeo-Live community
more time to maintain both new updates and our extensive baseline of


Cameron Shorter
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