[Live-demo] Motion: Move from 2 releases to 1 per year

Ben Caradoc-Davies ben at transient.nz
Mon Apr 24 16:39:03 PDT 2017

+1. The rolling release should address the needs of those who need 
something more recent.

Kind regards,

On 25/04/17 11:16, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> As per weekly meeting discussion, we propose to switch from putting out
> two releases per year to putting out one main release per year.
> We will likely also be putting out rolling releases which have been
> untested.
> Reasons:
> * As per prior discussions, we want to use our volunteer time more
> efficiently.
> * We have improved build processes to be agile and efficient. However,
> our final test process still has significant manual testing. In
> particular around reviewing and updating documentation, and testing
> quickstarts.
> Please comment and or vote on this proposal.
> +1 Cameron

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