[Live-demo] About mapslicer/maptiler related to openHub

Activity Workshop mail at activityworkshop.net
Wed Apr 26 09:58:49 PDT 2017

> So what do you suggest we do about MapSlicer? I'm wondering whether the >
project is still a good candidate for including on OSGeo-Live. Angelos will
probably want to answer this himself, but this is what I see: > 1. Is the
project still useful and used? Difficult to say. I find it useful, and I (very)
occasionally use it, but it doesn't appear to be widely used. I think it's
interesting because it can do things that no other open product can do, so
that's why it was considered important to "save" when MapTiler was being
withdrawn. We didn't want to lose the possibilities that it offers. > 2. Does
the project have a community behind it? No, I wouldn't say so. Feel free to
correct me! > 3. Do we have a point of contact for the project? This email list,
Angelos, me, or the github page where issues can be raised:
https://github.com/geopython/mapslicer > 4. If we do keep the project, I suggest
we should create OpenHub metrics > for it. By all means. I don't know how much
effort this would be to set up, but the github repository is there so I guess
it's straightforward. For sure the OpenHub metrics will be _extremely_ sparse,
because since the "rescue" I don't think much (if any) development work has gone
into it. If someone has ideas for how it could be improved or extended then they
could add them as suggestions to github. If you do decide to keep it in OsGeo,
it would be because it's useful and can play together with the other tools in
there, rather than because it's an actively-developed project with lots of new
development. That's a decision for you guys.

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