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Thu Jul 6 20:54:45 PDT 2017

Okay reporting back with ... a conversation. The graphics designer is now
off on holiday (actually honeymoon) but we got a lot done in the last two
weeks since I have spoken with you. The priority was obviously the website
and stuff for printing.

For my last updated I tried to adapt the new branding elements and keep the
heart shape:


I did however manage to force the issue of subbrands; but doing up printing
materials including the geoforall and osgeo-live logo. You can check the
meeting notes for the result ....

   - Review of OSGeo Live branding history

         Discussion on relationship between projects and osgeo

         We have an answer about “Live” - it is a live demonstration of
         software, rather than a static demo.

         We have a strong relationship and we could ask OSGeo Live to use
         the OSGeo logo unaltered, however that does not answer the
general problem
         (of how to work with sub brands)

You may remember me asking what 'live" was meaning for osgeo live, judging
from early art assets in github (the svn banner had hidden early prototypes
of the logo). The thinking was "pulse" with hearts and heart rate monitors
tracking which projects were actually alive. The other meaning I could come
up with was a live demo, rather than a static demo.

Both Marc (strong marketing background) and the graphics designer (really
proud of the new logo and visuals). They wanted to ask if OSGeo Live would
be willing to use the following:


This is an interesting tradeoff:
- because no other software project is being asked to update their logo
(only include an OSGeo project logo on their website).
- the tight relationship with OSGeo foundation is causing this request, so
a mark at how central osgeo-live is to our foundation
- I will support whatever direction the project chooses to take (hesitate
to offer my own opinion since I can see advantages both ways).

I have also had this question come up recently - why is OSGeo-Live not an
OSGeo project. The answer is simply that you have not asked and acquired a
- You are of course welcome to apply as an OSGeo Community project (and get
approval right away - summer voting habits permitting)
- Entering incubation can also be done, but we need to line up a mentor

Jody Garnett

On 22 June 2017 at 08:41, Jody Garnett <jody.garnett at gmail.com> wrote:

> Wanted to provide a small update, I got some public and private feedback
> on the branding which I took into this weeks meeting.
> Many of the direct "osgeo foundation" activities just use the normal OSGeo
> Mark, we have the examples of "OSGeo Project", "OSGeo Community" as used by
> projects ready to go.
> A few sub brands (GeoForAll, OSGeo Live, local chapters) are expected to
> work with the design elements and create their own mark. We have asked the
> designer to use OSGeo Live as an example, this was the best I could do
> without stepping out of contract :)
> I checked the EOI and we have not paid for a sphinx theme. We will have to
> wait for the website to take shape and adapt later in the year.  Colors,
> logos and fonts we can do earlier.
> --
> Jody Garnett
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