[Live-demo] Review of gpsprune on OSGeo-Live 11.0

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Sun Jun 11 13:43:07 PDT 2017

On 07/06/17 00:50, vicky at georepublic.de wrote:
> 1. Reply to confirm the Project Overview is still accurate, or has been
> updated, (and version numbers are correct): ,
> 2. Reply to confirm you have run a recent OSGeo-Live version (the previous
> 10.5 version is ok), and updated the quickstart where needed.

I've finally managed to get a live image working from a USB stick, using this
file, I hope it's the correct one:

Unfortunately, gpsprune isn't installed on this image, so I hope that's a
mistake and it doesn't mean that gpsprune has been removed from OSGeo-Live already!
Also the quickstart uses a data file at "~/data/vector/R/test_trk2.gpx", but the
"R" directory isn't there either and I can't find any alternative gpx files
under ~/data.

So I don't know if I've got an incomplete iso or some intermediate testing
image, but I can't really check the quickstart with this one.
However you also wrote that checking with version 10.5 would be ok, which I
don't really understand because 10.5 has been tested a long long time ago so I
don't think that testing that again would help very much.

Please let me know if there's anything else I should test, or if there's
something I'm doing wrong here.
You didn't tell me whether you're planning to take version 18.3 or 18.5, but on
this image the apt sources are using xenial and would take gpsprune v18.3.  That
means that 18.3 has already been tested for the 10.5 release, the only other
question is whether the gpx files mentioned in the quickstart have been removed
or not.

I hope that helps,
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