[Live-demo] Review of gpsprune on OSGeo-Live 11.0

Sebastiaan Couwenberg sebastic at xs4all.nl
Sat Jun 17 09:51:48 PDT 2017

On 06/17/2017 04:48 PM, Activity Workshop wrote:
> On 16/06/17 22:43, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> I agree with Sebastiaan that we should be updating to the latest stable
>> version of gpsprune if we can.
> I really don't think that's going to happen for this version of OSGeo-Live,
> given that the deadlines are mere hours away now.  I would be happy to discuss
> this again once the time pressures are off.

For each OSGeo-Live development cycle, please request for the latest
(stable) version to be included, and review the docs for that version.

>> One of the criteria we used to identifying projects to retire from OSGeo-Live
>> was finding projects which are not changing version on OSGeo-Live. (This
>> picked out gpsprune).
> And another criterion was an acute lack of resources.  If you're now telling me
> that it would be no problem to invest additional effort with backporting and
> packaging and integration, together with updating and reviewing documentation,
> then that changes the question somewhat.

As mentioned in the alpha1 annoucement:

 We are still reviewing and adding projects, so please keep sending us
 reviews and feedback. The list of projects will be finalized when we
 reach beta stage.

There may still be time to include 18.6.

> As I've already said, it would be great if you could take 18.6, but I honestly
> have no idea what would be required from me and what would be required from the
> OSGeo-Live team in order to make that happen.  I also have no idea from whom on
> the OSGeo-Live team I should be asking favours to do the work for me, and what I
> should be asking them to do.  As with every release I have tried to minimise the
> OSGeo-Live work required, but if you're telling me that that's the wrong
> approach then I'm very open to suggestions.

Ask on this (live-demo) list for one of the packagers to backport the
desired version if it's newer than what's included in Ubuntu xenial.

Either myself, Angelos, or someone else on this list can help create the
backported package for you.

gpsprune is a fairly simple package, its libmetadata-extractor-java
dependency requires the most attention due its tendency to break the
reverse dependencies. But since 2.7.2 is already in xenial and no newer
version is included in the OSGeo-Live PPA there is nothing to worry
about. Thanks to JOSM no longer requiring newer versions.

>> On 17/6/17 6:28 am, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>>> Or just rebuild the source package downloaded via tracker.debian.org
>>> with pdebuild in a cowbuilder chroot with the OSGeo-Live nightly PPA
>>> enabled.
> Haha, thanks Sebastiaan, you make it sound so easy! :D  I don't think I've ever
> done _anything_ with pdebuild in a cowbuilder chroot in my life!!  I rely on
> generous people like yourself to do that for me for Debian.

Rebuilding packages is easy, the biggest hurdle is learning the Debian
packaging tools which is not that difficult either. Knowing where to
find the appropriate documentation is half the work.

> As I said, my priority right now is to try to prevent GpsPrune being removed
> from the image (or try to ensure that it's added again).  I would rather have
> 18.3 included than nothing, and there are only a few hours to go before the
> deadlines.

Changes between 18.3 and 18.6 include:

 New with version 18.6
 The following fix was made since version 18.5:
   - Change of URL for SRTM tiles, and recognise when downloaded file
     is too small to be valid

 New with version 18.5
 The following fixes and additions were made since version 18.4:
   - When points have no altitudes, send them to a GPS with altitude 0
     (prevents weird values when reading back)
   - When points are not displayed on map, still colour the lines
     according to the selected scheme
   - When points all have crazy values, don't hang the profile chart
   - When images can't be fetched from the internet, don't delete
     expired cache images
   - Translation updates to es, uk, ru, cz

 New with version 18.4
 The following fixes and additions were made since version 18.3:
   - Updated GPSBabel format descriptions (thanks, Juergen!)
   - Removed calls to the retired opencaching.com site (thanks, Garmin!)

There are some menu changes that may affect the docs, but it doesn't
look like much will need to be updated for the changes since 18.3.

I've created the backported package for you, the source is in the same
git repository as the Debian package:


And the packages are available in my OSGeo-Live staging PPA:


Kind Regards,


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