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Some food for thought for our projects regarding how to deal with
contributions, triggered

by a recent reading:



Contributor License Agreement (CLA) tend to be replaced by a Developer

of Origin (DCO) in a number of projects:



DCO is the mechanism required by the Linux Kernel originally, and by
other projects

now, to accept contributions, as DCO requires less bureaucracy than a
CLA and is

seen more friendly by open source communities:


CLA tastes more like corporate requirement and can typically require an
employee to

see his boss, make him approve the CLA, etc...


An example how a project implemented DCO in their CONTRIBUTING.md :



One thing that was no completely clear to me is how a

Signed-off-by: John Smith <jsmith at example.com>" in a commit message
means that

the contributor agrees to the the DCO terms. But reading the help of git
commit for the

-s option that is used to add the Signed-off-by, I see:


-s, --signoff

Add Signed-off-by line by the committer at the end of the commit log

The meaning of a signoff depends on the project, but it typically
certifies that

committer has the rights to submit

this work under the same license and agrees to a Developer Certificate
of Origin

(see http://developercertificate.org/ for more information).


So this is typically a git-centric mechanism.





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