[Live-demo] [Translation] Project name change

Nicolas Roelandt roelandtn.pro at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 00:52:31 PST 2017

I relay here the announcement [1] I made on the Transifex platform about
the (small) consequences of the Project name change on our translation

Hi dear translators and OSGeoLive users,

Yesterday, the OSGeoLive team decided to simplify the name to get more
constituency between platforms. Formerly, you can see it with a space or an
hyphen depending if it was on the website url, IRC and such.
So the PSC decided over a camelcase syntax, OSGeoLive, without space. We
updated  the Transifex resources files accordingly.

It was not expected, so all the translated strings have to be retranslated.

Hopefully, it is just the project name to change so you can use the
suggestion on the right side, choose the 99% suggestion (there is a `use
this` button) and remove the hyphen (or space) from previous translation.
It can also be done during reviewing.

For new translations, please take the change in account and update the
project name if we missed it in the resources.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks again for your work here, we will be starting soon the battle
testing with all those translated strings.

Best regards,

Nicolas Roelandt
For the OSGeoLive team

[1] https://www.transifex.com/osgeo/osgeolive/announcements/7892/
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