[OSGeoLive] QGis LTS and Python 2.7 in the OSGeoLive

Brian M Hamlin maplabs at light42.com
Fri Nov 10 08:19:26 PST 2017

hi Angelos, all

 Yesterday I went through the gdal 2.2.2 transition experimental PPA, 
and used a basic strategy to install parts.. 
from foundation upwards.. and across related groups.  I did not detect 
any conflicts .. 
Particularly with the otb set, and ossim, which are challenging to 
package well,
and therefore may be more likely to contain bugs in packaging. 

  This summary is for two purposes..   one is to signal to Angelos  
that someone looked at the set
The second is.. I am quite excited about a new strategy for our python 
analytics here that occurred to me
while doing the QGis testing. 

QGis LTS, based in python2 and qt4, in practice pulls in almost the 
whole  matplotlib python set that we use. 
pandas is the next CORE component that would be needed.. with that, and 
a little charting support.. 
the whole analytics chain is there   (python-grass is there, too.. 
not clear on those details)

I believe that the Python2 conversation with the Numpy core team is now over.. 
they are high-achievers, and also have limited resources, so they have 
to have a single goal .. 
the new single goal for Numpy core is Python3 by 2020.  (to be in 
synch between say.. 
Pandas 0.18 and Numpy, we may need to bump Numpy up a version or two.. TBD)

Yet I believe, thinking about all the parts, that a solid analytics for 
geospatial, using the existing Python2 stack,
is great value for users, and should be actively maintained for years to come. 
Managing that in a respectful way, that allows all the parties to do 
what they do best.. is the art here.. 

  I look forward to the gdal 2.2.2 transition packaging to become 
widely available, in Debian and UbuntuGIS. 
And, I look forward to a new approach to the maintenance of the very 
valuable Python 2.7 stack with Matplotlib,
Cartopy, Pandas and others .. 

  best regards from Berkeley
  -Brian M Hamlin

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