[OSGeoLive] QGis LTS and Python 2.7 in the OSGeoLive

Angelos Tzotsos gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com
Sat Nov 11 03:46:51 PST 2017

Thanks Brian for testing and providing feedback!


On 11/10/2017 06:19 PM, Brian M Hamlin wrote:
> hi Angelos, all
>  Yesterday I went through the gdal 2.2.2 transition experimental PPA, 
> and used a basic strategy to install parts.. from foundation upwards.. 
> and across related groups.  I did not detect any conflicts .. 
> Particularly with the otb set, and ossim, which are challenging to 
> package well,
> and therefore may be more likely to contain bugs in packaging.
>   This summary is for two purposes..   one is to signal to Angelos  
> that someone looked at the set
> The second is.. I am quite excited about a new strategy for our python 
> analytics here that occurred to me
> while doing the QGis testing.
> QGis LTS, based in python2 and qt4, in practice pulls in almost the 
> whole  matplotlib python set that we use. pandas is the next CORE 
> component that would be needed.. with that, and a little charting 
> support.. the whole analytics chain is there (python-grass is there, 
> too.. not clear on those details)
> I believe that the Python2 conversation with the Numpy core team is 
> now over.. they are high-achievers, and also have limited resources, 
> so they have to have a single goal .. the new single goal for Numpy 
> core is Python3 by 2020.  (to be in synch between say.. Pandas 0.18 
> and Numpy, we may need to bump Numpy up a version or two.. TBD)
> Yet I believe, thinking about all the parts, that a solid analytics 
> for geospatial, using the existing Python2 stack,
> is great value for users, and should be actively maintained for years 
> to come. Managing that in a respectful way, that allows all the 
> parties to do what they do best.. is the art here..
>   I look forward to the gdal 2.2.2 transition packaging to become 
> widely available, in Debian and UbuntuGIS. And, I look forward to a 
> new approach to the maintenance of the very valuable Python 2.7 stack 
> with Matplotlib,
> Cartopy, Pandas and others ..
>   best regards from Berkeley
>   -Brian M Hamlin
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