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The process looks like this:

1. You create an account on GitHub
2. You go to the project you want to work on:
3. You press the "Fork" button so to get a clone of the project on your 
4. GitHub redirects you to your cloned project:
5. You open a terminal on your local machine and copy the code locally 
(use your account name where kalxas is):
$ git clone git at github.com:kalxas/OSGeoLive-doc.git
6. Move within your working folder:
$ cd  OSGeoLive-doc
7. Create a new working branch:
$ git checkout -b work-1
8. Do your edits to the files you want. In your case you can just copy 
the file you already have edited and replace the previous copy of that 
9. See the changes before you commit them to git. Use the following 
commands to see your status:
$ git diff
$ git status
10. Lets assume you edited README.rst. git status will show you that 
file as changed. You need to tell git that you want to commit this file 
in the next step
$ git add README.rst
11. You can go back to step 8 and continue working or just do this 
commit with this one file
$ git commit -m "Commit message here"
12. Once you have committed the change git status will show clean status 
now. You can now push your working branch to your GitHub account with
$ git push origin work-1
13. Now you need to go back to the web interface at 
https://github.com/kalxas/OSGeoLive-doc, navigate to the "work-1" branch 
and press the button that says "New Pull Request".
14. Wait until your pull request gets commented, perhaps changes will be 
asked to be made and finally it will get accepted.
15. Back to the terminal you can get code changes from others by going 
back to "master" branch and getting code from the main repository 
$ git checkout master
$ git remote add upstream https://github.com/OSGeo/OSGeoLive-doc.git
$ git pull upstream master

Hope this mini tutorial helps,

On 12/2/18 9:03 AM, Johanna Botman wrote:
> Hi,
> Can someone give me a step by step of how I submit my edited Quick Start
> document?
> I have looked at the Getting Started guide in Github, but it describes
> setting up my own project. I need to know how to contribute to a project.
> I have created a version of the documents in my virtual machine. I can't see
> how that links back to Git Hub. Can someone assist?
> Johanna
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