[OSGeoLive] Suggestions for a background image for next OSGeoLive - with an African theme

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 05:32:40 PDT 2018

The time has come to select a background image for our next OSGeoLive 
release, which is scheduled to be ready in time for FOSS4G Dar es 
Salaam, and we are looking for inspiration for a background image.

Traditionally, we have drawn inspiration from the image from the 
conference location, and are hoping that someone with a mapping or 
artistic eye can suggest an interesting map, or image that we can use. 
The image needs to be available under an open license, and will likely 
need to be shaded so that icons will still stand out against it.

I'm wondering whether a historic navigating chart of Africa would be 
good? Maybe something like this:


Or maybe a drawing of some of the big African animals.

Are there any people in the mapping or African communities who would be 
willing to help us out here?

Warm regards,

Cameron Shorter
Technology Demystifier
Open Technologies and Geospatial Consultant

M +61 (0) 419 142 254Mark Iliffe <markiliffe at gmail.com>

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