[OSGeoLive] Proposed OSGeo stack beginner workshop, based on OSGeo-Live, presented at FOSS4G

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Mon Jun 25 17:13:34 PDT 2018

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On 26/6/18 10:10 am, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Shaun Kolomeitz and myself were recently discussing the value that 
> could be gained by setting up a "beginners OSGeo full stack" workshop, 
> which served multiple needs and communities.
> It would aim to help new users answer "when, what and how should I use 
> Open Source GIS".
> Initially we would target a workshop at FOSS4G-Oceania [1] (in 
> Melbourne Australia in November 2018)
> The aim would be to build upon OSGeo-Live [2], with the intent that 
> the training material would eventually become distributed with 
> OSGeo-Live. This brings the advantage that the training course would 
> be continually be getting updated with every software distribution, 
> and setup glitches would be significantly reduced because everything 
> would be pre-installed with OSGeo-Live.
> Ideally, we would be this course to be run on the cloud. Again, the 
> advantage here is that we would be taking OSGeo-Live (along with OSGeo 
> applications) into a cloud environment.
> In future versions, we would aim to team up with geo4all, universities 
> and educators, such that we can integrate OSGeo-Live and courses, and 
> help cross collaboration and maintenance between projects, programmers 
> and educators.
> The first thing we want to do is work out if anyone is doing something 
> similar, or have material we can make use of, or have good ideas that 
> we should incorporate, or who would like to join us.
> Introducing Shaun:
> For those who don't know Shaun, he is someone I've known for years. He 
> has decades of experience with GIS, is an advocate Open Source GIS, 
> and is someone who has a track record of getting things done.
> [1] http://foss4g-oceania.org/
> [2] http://live.osgeo.org

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