[OSGeoLive] Motion OSGeoLive monthly updating and versioning of the documentation

Astrid Emde (OSGeo) astrid_emde at osgeo.org
Tue Sep 11 12:49:47 PDT 2018


while some of you left already we discussed 3. Translations update (at 

see irc log 

I will explain what we discussed and would like to make a motion at the 

This would be the process:

1. Monthly update of the documentation files from transifex at 
(reason: to encourage the translators to work on the translation. Else 
they would have to wait till Version 13.0 in 1 year)

2. we would like to defined version numbers for the monthly updates f.e.
* v12.0.1 -> more translations on existing languages (micros when more 
files are translated)
* v12.1.0 -> if a new language(s) is added (minors when a language has 
completed overviews)

Vicky and Bakaniko would work on the update of the documentation.

Astrid could help if we write a press release / news about it.

MOTION: OSGeoLive monthly updating and versioning of the documentation 
in the above explained way

Best Astrid

Astrid Emde

Astrid Emde
OSGeo Board Member and OSGeo Secretary
Open Source Geospatial Foundation
astrid_emde at osgeo.org

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