[OSGeoLive] Contributor list Transifex and ML announcements review and policies

Nicolas Roelandt roelandtn.pro at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 22:32:50 PDT 2018

Hi all,

I asked for a review of an announcement [1] for our contributors and
translators regarding the new European General Data Protection Regulation
(GDPR) [2].

It was not straightforward as I thought and it became a debate.

My mistake was not to publish the link to the draft here, as I wanted to
avoid mails here about "Fix that, add this, ..."

I was wrong, so please next time, tell me to bring it to the public mailing

The debate is not settled and was already bring it there. We just released
12.0 so I think we can discuss it now and have clear policies.



[1] https://mensuel.framapad.org/p/osgeolive_contributor_consent_message
[2] https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/law-topic/data-protection_en
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