[OSGeoLive] OSGeo Live presentation and problem booting

Gavin Fleming gavin at kartoza.com
Mon Sep 17 01:06:56 PDT 2018

Hi all

I’m running the OSGeo stand at https://africageo.org.za/ <https://africageo.org.za/> and have two problems

1. I want to run the OSGeo Live presentation on autoplay on a projector at the stand. Is there a way to autoplay the html presentation or is there a ppt or odp of the latest presentation (I have searched…)?

2. I’m trying to boot the OSGeo Live USB I picked up at FOSS4G 2018. It worked fine on a desktop PC I tried but when I try on my Asus laptop it hangs at the last white dot of the boot splash screen. 

I’d be grateful for any assistance. 



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