[OSGeoLive] Proj6 questions - draft

Johanna Botman johanna at jbotman.com
Sun Apr 7 00:26:41 PDT 2019



I'm still trying to work out where these things 'sit' so that they can be
shared and worked on collaboratively . so, as promised, a draft of what to
send to the other projects.


'OsGEOLive 13 is under construction with development under way and decisions
to be made about versions of applications to be included.


OSGeoLive wants version 13 to be based around Proj6 but understands that
projects are using different versions and are at different stages of
development and upgrade.


So, a few questions that will help us along the way. 


Do you depend on the Proj library? 

What version are you using now? 

Are you planning to upgrade to Proj6? 

Do you think that you can upgrade in time for the next OSGeoLive release?'










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