[OSGeoLive] Questions about USB drives for FOSS4G

Astrid Emde (OSGeo) astrid_emde at osgeo.org
Thu Aug 8 03:37:59 PDT 2019


-> important questions at the bottom :)

I found a company that will produce bootable for FOSS4G 2019 :)

This is want I will order

* USB 3.0 16 GB
  * with OSGeoLive 13.0
* 1000 sticks in total: 800 bootable USBs and 200 only with the iso 
copied on the sticks
* we will  use the final iso from version 13.0 
* the price is ok. I will handle that with Michael

Design for the sticks is in the ticket

If you have any detailed questions let me know


1. IMPORTANT ABOUT TMELINE: Can we provide the 13.0 iso already at 
monday 12. august in the afternoon? Then the company can make sure that 
the sticks will arrive at the 22. august in Bucharest. (they will be 
shipped from China to Amsterdam and then to Bucharest -> @johan if you 
go by car and can pick them up let  me know ;)

2. Do you think the realtion 800 bootable / 200 only iso is ok? or shall 
we take a different relation?

3. Why 1000?
I thought 1000 is a good number to give sticks already to other events 
(we could give 500 away at FOSS4G and give collections to the organizers 
of local events like FOSS4G-UK, FOS4G-Oceania)
Do you agree?


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