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Astrid Emde (OSGeo) astrid_emde at osgeo.org
Tue Dec 17 08:46:26 PST 2019


question: I can't find the archive from ealier Versions at

does not work

At Seths link you get the whole list

By the way: shall we write a news item about it or tweet.

We are happy to announce that @OSGeoLive has published a historical 
archive of past releases. Thanks a lot to @geographika.
Starting from Version 4.5 you can 


Am 16.12.2019 11:02 schrieb Angelos Tzotsos:
> Excellent work Seth!
> Thanks for making the archive.
> Lets plan on setting the archive repo and the subdomain during the
> meeting tomorrow.
> Best,
> Angelos
> On 12/15/19 6:29 PM, Seth G wrote:
>> Hi Cameron,
>> Some answers in the email below.
>> If you are able to find out how we can make a new 
>> https://github.com/OSGeo/OSGeoLive-archive repository and a new 
>> subdomain at osgeo.org I can hopefully take care of the rest.
>> Seth
>> --
>> web:http://geographika.co.uk
>> twitter: @geographika
>> On Sat, Dec 14, 2019, at 8:59 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>>> Hi Seth,
>>> I was wondering why we don't have a symlink problem for images with 
>>> the
>>> latest few releases? Looking at https://live.osgeo.org/de/index.html 
>>> it
>>> appears that Vicky's new doc build script is smart enough to not 
>>> create
>>> duplicate images for different languages (which as the case before).
>>> If you look at the old archive directory for say release 10.5, you 
>>> see
>>> that we have duplicates of images. Eg:
>>> English version of docs points to:
>>> https://live.osgeo.org/archive/10.5/_images/osgeolive_menu6.png
>>> German version points to:
>>> https://live.osgeo.org/archive/10.5/_images/osgeolive_menu2.png
>>> To save space from images, Hamish Bowman wrote a script to create 
>>> symlinks.
>>> I have a few ideas in moving forward:
>>> 0. To work out the broken symlink problem for images, you could:
>>> * Try and work out how to fix the symlink problem as you suggest. You
>>> might be able to find Hamish's old symlink generation script in the 
>>> bin/
>>> directory somewhere to help with that. (This sounds like a lot of 
>>> work).
>>> * Copy the HTML from our archive web pages (which uses duplicate
>>> images). This will create a large repository due to duplicate images,
>>> which isn't perfect, but we will be rarely working on the archive
>>> repository, so it is probably acceptable.
>> I've written a small Python script to change the symlinks to copies of 
>> the images.
>> See 
>> https://github.com/geographika/OSGeoLive-doc/blob/gh-pages/scripts/symlinks.py
>> It does create a larger repo, but probably simpler to manage across 
>> different OSs than symlinks in the long-term.
>> All images should now be visible in the archive URL.
>>> 1. I think this historical archive of past releases you have created 
>>> is
>>> really valuable.
>> Thanks!
>>> 2. I think it should be findable from the main docs, probably as a 
>>> small
>>> link at the bottom of https://live.osgeo.org : Prior releases and 
>>> docs
>>> can be found in our <a href="archive">archive/</a>. This archive 
>>> would
>>> be the jump page you have created.
>> Sounds good. I guess we need to decide where the archive will be 
>> hosted (which URL/subdomain).
>> Maybe https://archive.osgeo.org/ or Maybe 
>> https://livearchive.osgeo.org/ ?
>> Who would be contact with regards to setting up a domain name?
>>> 3. While the archive jump page can be stored in our master docs, I 
>>> don't
>>> think we should store each releases' archive in there. We can either
>>> keep it on a directory, as was previously done for prior releases. Or
>>> put into git, as you have done (which I like). I think that it 
>>> deserves
>>> its own repository, something like OSGeoLive-doc-archive
>> Currently the archive is in a branch so shouldn't increase size of git 
>> clone downloads etc. but
>> moving to its own archive may make things clearer.
>> Who would we contact with regards to creating a new repo at 
>> https://github.com/OSGeo/ ?
>>> 4. We should capture information about the latest doc release, and
>>> information about the archive in our build process documentation 
>>> wiki:
>>> https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeolive/wiki. Would you like to update this?
>>> (You deserve the credit in the wiki history.)
>> The build information is already linked to on 
>> https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeolive/wiki
>> I've updated the link to the development build to point to OSGeoLive 
>> home page (development version).
>>> 5. Felicity has a bunch of pull requests for quickstarts.
>>> https://github.com/OSGeo/OSGeoLive-doc/pulls which are to be 
>>> processed
>>> for the 13.1 doc release early next year. I'll try and get at least 
>>> one
>>> of two reviewed within the week in order to check your publishing of 
>>> the
>>> master docs pipeline.
>> I don't think these pull requests have the Appveyor CI merged into 
>> them so they don't currently trigger builds.
>> If we add a link to the archives we can see if this process works on a 
>> new pull request.
>>> Cheers, Cameron
>>> On 15/12/19 4:47 am, Seth G wrote:
>>>> Thanks for the feedback and kind words Cameron!
>>>> I got the docs from the ISOs - see 
>>>> https://github.com/geographika/OSGeoLive-doc/tree/gh-pages#extraction-process
>>>> After further investigation the missing images are due to the files 
>>>> being symlinks. I'm currently looking to see how these could be 
>>>> saved in git. They currently just have the text of the file they 
>>>> link to e.g. 
>>>> https://github.com/geographika/OSGeoLive-doc/blob/gh-pages/6.0/_images/1spatial_sml1.jpg
>>>> I didn't know about the current archive on the main site. So there 
>>>> is some duplication of effort, but adding them to a repo hopely has 
>>>> a long term benefit. It also triggered Angelos tracking down the 
>>>> missing full ISOs.
>>>> The latest master docs are already published at 
>>>> https://osgeo.github.io/OSGeoLive-doc/en/index.html and updated 
>>>> whenever a pull request is merged. The recent Appveyor setup should 
>>>> also allow people to see the output of their pull requests (there 
>>>> have been no pull requests recently to check this but it should 
>>>> work).
>>>> I'm hoping to investigate the automated archiving of new releases 
>>>> which should help updating the main site,
>>>> Seth
>>>> --
>>>> web:http://geographika.co.uk
>>>> twitter: @geographika
>>>> On Sat, Dec 14, 2019, at 7:31 AM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>>>>> Hi Seth,
>>>>> Sorry for the delayed response. I'm really impressed with what you 
>>>>> have
>>>>> achieved. Well done.
>>>>> More comments inline.
>>>>> On 12/12/19 11:19 pm, Seth G wrote:
>>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>>> I've been collating the various documentation releases for 
>>>>>> OSGeo-Live and adding into my fork at fork is at 
>>>>>> https://github.com/geographika/OSGeoLive-doc/tree/gh-pages
>>>>> Nice work. How are you creating these pages?
>>>>> It seems that image links are broken for releases 6.0 to 10.5. Do 
>>>>> you
>>>>> know why that is? (I'm suspecting it might be because we changed 
>>>>> our
>>>>> directory structure around version 10.5 and our build process would 
>>>>> have
>>>>> been different.)
>>>>> Have you noticed that we have some of the old doc sites stored in 
>>>>> our
>>>>> archived, and referenced from:
>>>>> https://live.osgeo.org/en/prior_applications.html
>>>>> (You can actually see the entire doc websites from 5.0 to 10.5
>>>>> https://live.osgeo.org/archive/5.0/en/index.html
>>>>> https://live.osgeo.org/archive/10.5/en/index.html
>>>>>> This can then be automatically published by GitHub pages - I've 
>>>>>> currently set this up to publish to 
>>>>>> https://osgeolive.geographika.co.uk/
>>>>>> The archive branch could be easily added via a pull request to the 
>>>>>> main project.
>>>>>> The branch can be downloaded or cloned in git to publish on any 
>>>>>> server. One possibility to consider is to automate adding a build 
>>>>>> of the docs for a new tagged release using Travis. Deployment of 
>>>>>> the latests docs would then be a simple git clone rather than 
>>>>>> requiring a manual build an upload.
>>>>> I'm super excited by the potential of this. One of our pain points 
>>>>> in
>>>>> documentation has been that we haven't had a current, nightly build 
>>>>> that
>>>>> people can see as soon as they update docs.
>>>>> It would be great if we could set this up. Would you be interested 
>>>>> in
>>>>> setting up a:
>>>>> live.osgeo.org/dev/... (or similar) for the latest docs?
>>>>>> If anyone has a v1.0 docs copy please let me know!
>>>>> Version 1.0 was effectively a test run of OSGeoLive (called the 
>>>>> Live DVD
>>>>> at the time). Our aim was to have OSGeoLive ready for FOSS4G 2009 
>>>>> in
>>>>> Australia, and we had an early version ready for FOSS4G 2008 in 
>>>>> South
>>>>> Africa.
>>>>> While I can't remember for sure, I don't think had developed
>>>>> documentation for the 1.0 release.
>>>>> Here is a blog post / press release from the time:
>>>>> http://cameronshorter.blogspot.com/2008/09/geofoss-livedvd-test-it-before-we-burn.html
>>>>>> Thoughts on the above welcome,
>>>>> Super impressed.
>>>>>> Seth
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>>>>>> twitter: @geographika
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