[OSGeoLive] [SeasonOfDocs] Help needed to setup VM

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 03:49:45 PDT 2019

Hi Felicity,

I'm switching you across to the OSGeoLive email list, where you will 
find people who can help with these OSGeoLive issues.

I suspect you are seeing a screen similar to the following? (I have 2 
virtual machines, you probably only have 1, without snapshots.)

Click on following 1, 2, 3 sequence.

This should take you to the following screen. If you don't click on the 
following screen, it will automatically boot the Ubuntu disk (which is 
actually our OSGeoLive disk). Otherwise just press enter

If you haven't got this far, it is possible you haven't mounted your 
virtual machine correctly yet.

The boot process will go through a couple of screens, then you will get to:

Ignore the popup (press Cancel).

Click "OK" on the other popup, and then you will have the virtual 
machine set up.

Based on your error report, I suspect you might have been tripped up 
somewhere else, and we will need to help you with your debugging a bit more.

On 13/6/19 7:13 pm, Jo Cook wrote:
> Hi Felicity,
> I can't edit the OSGeo Live docs, or post any screenshots right now, 
> but hopefully I can give you some pointers to proceed, and I agree 
> that this section in the documentation needs expanding.
> The OSGeo system is fully "up" when the Welcome window appears. Once 
> you've read as much or as little of the welcome information as you 
> would like, dismiss it with the OK button. To start a terminal 
> session, click the terminal icon on the start bar (to the right of the 
> firefox icon, called LXTerminal). You can then type the commands 
> provided in the quickstart docs (as they appear after the 
> user at osgeolive:~$ prompt).
> Hope that helps
> Jo
> On Thu, Jun 13, 2019 at 9:00 AM Felicity Brand 
> <felicitybrand at gmail.com <mailto:felicitybrand at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi folks,
>     I can't for the life of me get up and running.
>     On this page
>     https://live.osgeo.org/en/quickstart/virtualization_quickstart.html,
>     I need a screenshot in the "Running the Virtual Machine" section
>     after the text "Once the OSGeo system comes up". What should I
>     expect to see here?
>     Cheers
>     Felicity
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