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Brian M Hamlin maplabs at light42.com
Thu May 2 10:42:01 PDT 2019

On Thu, 02 May 2019 18:57:04 0200, mail at activityworkshop.net wrote:

> ...  would it be possible for somebody to produce a package list 
> from each image
  I built a tool to do this, years ago in python, it is in the gisvm/ 
source tree. 
The tool parses the chroot-build.log and extracts what is ACTUALLY
installed, in what order. For complicated reasons, using the dpkg tools
can be tricky to get simple answers sometimes
 So, the parse_log tool is .. 
  it works, but could be a lot better.. it takes a log file and emits
  that way, the REMOVE actions are captured as well.. 
It optionally imports directly to a postgres database also. 
  To get the OSGeoLive 13 alpha1 list of packages, both INSTALL and REMOVE
python  path/to/parse_log25.py     log_path/chroot-build.log    
 log_parse_out.csv     dbname 
  for SQL users: in SQL to get only the installed package, you can say 
'select distinct(pkg_name) '  at least
or more details if you really care about other aspects, like no REMOVE 
for an INSTALL or whatnot. 
The default table name is always the same (fixme) so I manually do 
  alter table raw_parse0 rename to o13_a1;   -- for the alpha1 case
 select distinct(pkg_name) from o13_a1 order by pkg_name;   -- 961 
package names
 select distinct(pkg_name) from o13_a1 where pkg_name ~ 'py' order by 
pkg_name;  -- 214 packages
 select distinct(pkg_name) from o13_a1 where pkg_name ~ 'java' order 
by pkg_name;  -- 49 rows
 select distinct(pkg_name) from o13_a1 where pkg_name ~ 'js' order by 
pkg_name;  -- 32 rows
  things like that .. 
  It is my point of view that the logical grouping that matters to 
OSGeoLive most, is the PROJECT installs,
as they represent the members of OSGeo and others, for whom this setup 
is built.  DebianGIS is
significant in its own, and different, ways. 
  hth- Brian

Brian M Hamlin
OSGeo California


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