[OSGeoLive] Quick starts status update (Google Season of Docs)

Felicity Brand felicitybrand at gmail.com
Sun Oct 6 21:56:56 PDT 2019

Hello all,

I've been working on the Quick Start template and there are a couple
of questions I wanted to ask.

I have come across the Sphinx markup :guilabel: and :menuselection:
What do we gain by using these? It seems to me something extra to
type. I understand we can then render them a particular way, but if
it's just going to be rendered bold it feels like more effort than
it's worth. But please let me know if I'm missing something in my
understanding here. Do we want to continue using this convention?

I'd like some guidance on my process next.
At a previous meeting, we agreed that the best way for me to give
feedback would be GitHub comments. I think I need to raise a PR in
order to be able to comment on the code. But I didn't intend on making
any changes...so I'm not sure what would go in my PR. Unless I make
some kind of nominal change that we all agree on beforehand? I suppose
we'll want a PR per project quick start - so that would be maybe 50
PRs. Is that cool with everyone?

My intention was to also create about 50 trac tickets, one for each
project. These would include the details of my rating score of the
quick start and perhaps a link to the relevant GitHub PR. I thought it
would be appropriate to have trac as well as GitHub so that anyone
could look at the trac ticket and pick up from there. What do folk
think about that?

I'm not ready to start any GitHub work yet, but I wanted to get
discussion on this rolling so that I know what to do when that time


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