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Brian M Hamlin maplabs at light42.com
Fri Apr 8 20:59:01 PDT 2022

Hi #osgeolive list --

   for those of you who have interests in the upcoming remote sensing 
and cloud tech OSS day, here are a few things that OSGeoLive could be 
part of ..

*User Needs, Accessibility* : QGis built-in help and user interface are 
available in French, Spanish and dozens of other languages, and some 
other apps on the disk.  Built-in data examples like Natural Earth2 have 
some internationalization.

*GDAL on Debian/Ubuntu*  an up-to-date GDAL and Proj combination is 
still a good thing to have, several years after Proj6 changes were made 
and stabilized. Upcoming Proj9 shows that there is yet more to come, 
packaged as dot-deb for Ubuntu.

*  Actinia STAC* : install alpha details here [0]

*  Java GeoTools implementors*

*Opendatacube* : certainly is in the center of the mix for a day called 
"cloud geospatial."  Core technology used in Digital Earth Africa and 
elsewhere. Q. How can OSGeoLive cooperate with Digital Earth Africa to 
perhaps check the check mark in CEOS ARD Strategy 2021 [1]. quote:

   2021 CEOS ARD Strategy Doc -- Table of Activity  :  Section 3. 
Accessibility and User Needs

*User Needs * Section 3.6  Capture the Value and Benefits of CEOS ARD

"Leverage studies conducted by CEOS agencies and partners including GEO, 
Digital Earth Africa and others to communicate the value of CEOS ARD."

   What I mean to say is, OSGeoLive itself is a base upon which gallery 
and user-facing collateral can be added. OSGeo Community Project 
Opendatacube is participating in cloud geospatial day. OSGeoLive has 
international support at a number of levels built in, notably Spanish 
and French user interfaces and help docs.

OSGeoLive might support this cloud geospatial event some appropriate 
way, supporting one or more projects, facing new and established 
audiences.   The audiences certainly include non-English speaking, for 
example French and Spanish.

Personally, on the Cloud Geo day topic, I believe it is part of an 
inclusive goal here to recognize that people with
different economic backgrounds, with physical disabilities, with ADHD or 
other mental stress,
are part of the audience for GIS programming, and we support those 
individuals with training materials,
basic updates and inclusion.  OSGeoLive is a resource for individuals 
who want to try, who want to learn,
and have real-world projects. No matter what the background or 
condition, there is room to make and
participate, within reason.

   feedback welcome

   best regards  --Brian M Hamlin    /  MAPLABS  /  Berkeley, Calif.



[0] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Osgeolive-jupyter#Python_Libraries_Strategy

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