[OSGeoLive] Booting from Osgeo-live flashdrive on a Mac

Jochen Albrecht jochen.albrecht at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 21:20:28 PST 2022

As part of my Advanced GIS course, I provided every student with a 32 GB
OSGeo-live flashdrive, formatted with NTFS on two partitions. They both
fine on a variety of Windows computers (as well as my Pop OS Linux laptop)
but they are not recognized on my students' Macs.
I don't have a Mac and no experience with them. Following online docs, they
try both the Options and the Command key but to no avail.
I now have the sneaking suspicion that I will have to format the two
partitions to HFS+ and then somehow put the OSGeo archive on it.
Is this correct and if yes, how do I do this without a Mac (I can do the
former with gparted but how to do the latter on  Windowsor Linux machine)?
Are there alternative approaches to create OSGeo-live flashdrives that my
Mac-based students can use?

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