[OSGeoLive] desktop beta candidate alpha?

Ko Nagase nagase at georepublic.co.jp
Mon Jul 25 07:21:09 PDT 2022

Hi Brian and list,

Thanks for sharing the updates.

About the desktop artwork, is it possible to include both "Boboli" and
"Firenze City" images
in the "/usr/share/lubuntu/wallpapers" folder ?

Then, each user can choose their favorite one on both ISO and VM images.

The defaults ("Boboli" in ISO and "Firenze City" in VM) are okay for me.

Also, if possible, updating the schedule (including translation
deadline) is really helpful.


2022年7月21日(木) 3:44 Brian M Hamlin <maplabs at light42.com>:

> Hi All Desktop Arts and OSGeo Marketing People -
>    we had a summer-time #osgeolive team weekly meeting 24 hours ago, but
> not everyone could attend. We discussed the artwork and the build
> schedule to deliver deadlines for FOSS4G 2022.
>    For expedience, we can use the white+green "Boboli" artwork for
> documentation, presentation and the ISO version, and second we can use
> the black+white "Firenze City" artwork for the VM version only.
>    If there is no objection to this plan, the next ISO build from Athens
> will have the white+green theme, and first VM version builds later can
> be adjusted to include the black+white imagery.
>    ps- please contact the translator team if your software or language
> group is not 100% complete. It takes many hands to make light work.
>    best regards from Berkeley, Calif.
>        --Brian M Hamlin    /  MAPLABS  /  OSGeoLive PSC

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