[Oskari-user] Bug in Suomi.fi maps - embedded maps?

Sanna Jokela sanna at gispo.fi
Thu Oct 25 07:52:33 PDT 2018


Asking for a new friend :)

Suomi.fi maps has a possibility to create embedded maps and with Oskari API
you can request different things from e.g. your own datasources.

Is is due to the data source or the embedded maps or the website that the
info-pop-up shows only one result in those cases when there are multiple
points on top of each other?

Example here: https://www.kela.fi/palvelupisteen-haku ==> zoom out to see
objects with multiple points on top of each other (number is shown in the
vicinity of the symbol) and click on the symbol ==> only one result is
shown. Apparently it is also the one that is the lowest.

In this case the data is requested through API received from the Service
database in Finland.

If someone has time to check this at some point, it would be great! At
least to know which service to blame :)

Sanna Jokela
GIS specialist / Oskari communication coordinator
Gispo Ltd
+358 407664607
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