Mailing List Merger (OGUG to OSGEO)

Sampson, David dsampson at
Fri Jul 21 15:21:08 EDT 2006

Hey yall,

I have just merged the OLD OGUG list to the new OTT_OSGEO list.

If you do not want to belong to this list please follow the link bellow
to be removed. If you have issues please let me know and I will remove
you manualy

Some issues that have already been brought to my attention that Iw ill
try to clear up.

1. If you are receiving this e-mail from users at then you
do not need to sign up for the mailing list again. Although an e-mail
might have been sent to confirm your joining the list. Follow those
instructions and you should be in.

2. Just because you are signed up for this mailing list does not mean
you are signed up for the following resources. Please follow the
coresponding links to sign yourself up.	This is the main project page (to be built. Let
me know if you are a keen HTML contributor and we can get started)

Wiki:  this is where much
of our dynamic content can grow... please note the naming convention
theory found at the bottom of the first page. This is just a sugestion
for right now until we find a format we like

Then refer to the chapter groups to help
your local section grow

So in short, beyond belonging to the list there are two accounts to
register for... the project page and the wiki.


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