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Scott W Mitchell scott_mitchell at carleton.ca
Mon Jul 24 08:20:14 EDT 2006

Nice timing.   After hearing that one of our meeting attendees the  
other night had done work on open source programs for his degree, I  
figured I needed to find out more about the innovation program at  
Carleton that he mentioned.  And then this morning, this news release  
arrives in my inbox... I will have to find out more, to see if there  
are interesting partnership opportunities.

Begin forwarded message:

> 1. Carleton Receives Funding for Talent First
> Last Friday, Premier Dalton McGuinty announced that the Ministry of  
> Research and Innovation (MRI) will provide $1,116,500 to fund  
> Carleton University's Talent First program.
> Students and professors in Ontario academic institutions contribute  
> significantly to the more than 120,000 "open source" projects that  
> exist worldwide, but most Ontario companies do not benefit from  
> this work. "Open source" is when users can read, redistribute, and  
> modify the source code for a piece of software. The new Talent  
> First program will help Ontario companies exploit these "open  
> source" technologies and compete more effectively, develop the  
> capabilities of talented students entering the workforce, and  
> strengthen the research in open source and open environments being  
> undertaken at Carleton University.
> The Talent First program is led by Carleton faculty and students  
> associated with the Technology Innovation Management program (TIM),  
> a graduate program offered by the Faculty of Engineering and  
> Design. It benefits from the experience gained from the Carleton  
> University Foundry Program to promote an entrepreneurial culture on  
> campus and the region's economic development.
> For more information, visit http://www.carleton.ca/duc/newsroom/ 
> newsreleases/july_21.html
> From left to right: Premier Dalton McGuinty celebrates the  
> announcement with President David Atkinson and Jim Watson, Minister  
> of Consumer and Business Services. (Photo credit: David Kawai)

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