[Ottawa_users] Options to convert a plain TIF intotiled/pyramidTIF

Geng, Xiaoyuan Gengx at AGR.GC.CA
Fri Aug 29 17:11:32 EDT 2008

Thanks Ruven and Frank for your help! Finally I was able to convert our plain TIFF into the Tiled/Pyramidal one by using the VIPS in a Linux environment. I did not have luck to install the vips-7.14.5 due to the package dependency on the ImageMigick. The version 7.12.3 works fine even although there are few compilation errors/warnings. Our test image size about 70MB. The server and client works very fast (Fast CGI + AJAX). 
Good weekend!


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Yes, the images need to be tiled and multi-resolution (pyramidal). The
tiled part can be easily done with tiffcp, but you need to also create
the image pyramid. The best way to do this is using vips
(http://vips.sf.net <http://vips.sf.net/> ). There are instructions on the iipimage website on
how to create these TIFFs with vips:
http://iipimage.sourceforge.net/images.shtml. Imagemagick should also
work, but there seem to be problems with some versions.

If you want to use only the tiff utilities, you should create scaled
versions of the image at full resolution, half resolution, quarter
resolution etc until you have an image that fits within a tile. Then use
tiffcp to merge (largest first), compress and tile them.

All the best!

Geng, Xiaoyuan wrote:
> Hi Frank,
> From the link copied below there is a sample TIFF image and it works
> fine for that server installed on my server. However I just have not had
> luck to make a TIFF image like that. Moments ago I ran the TIFFCP to
> produce a tile TIFF use my scanned Tiff image. The tiffcp worked fine.
> The IIP image server can pick up the over view layer and then crashed
> with log message below (Hope that Ruven, who is the originator of the
> IIP image server, can join in this discussion):
> TileManager :: Cache Miss for resolution: -2, tile: 17
> TileManager :: Cache Size: 99 tiles, 0.2333 MB
> TIFFSetDirectory failed
> Total Request Time: 399 microseconds
> image closed and deleted
> Server count is 10744).
> The IIP image server client has AJAX support and should be suitable for
> the scanned map/image use case.
> http://iipimage.sourceforge.net/images.shtml
> Regards!
> Xiaoyuan
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> Geng, Xiaoyuan wrote:
>> Thanks Frank!I will give a try with your instructions. What I am
> trying
>> to do is to prototype an application to serve up our scanned soil maps
>> using a very simple image server (we could use the Mapserver). For now
> I
>> am investigating the IIP image server which can handle tiled Tiff
> only.
> I'm afraid I'm not familiar with IIP, and don't know what pyramiding
> conventions it might require.
> Best regards,

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