[Ottawa_users] New Brunswick User looking for help with GRASS and Quantum GIS

Scott Mitchell smitch at mac.com
Wed Jan 16 08:05:12 EST 2008

I'd say go ahead.  I actually ran a workshop on using the two  
packages together here in December, and may know the answers to your  
question off the top of my head.  And since others may be interested,  
by all means use the list.


On 16-Jan-08, at 07:45 , Alyre Chiasson wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have been subscribed to the list for a while but haven't seen too  
> many questions actually concerning use of GRASS and Quantum GIS. I  
> am new to GIS and an aquatic biologist that has convinced himself  
> that I could get a handle on these two programs to look at the  
> effects of climate change on freshwater fish distribution in New  
> Brunswick. I don't need help with installation and have managed to  
> do some basic operations, have tried to do my homework but have a  
> number of fundamental questions that are still alluding me that I  
> would like to get past. Before taking up your time is it  
> appropriate to post such questions to this users group or is there  
> perhaps a more appropriate forum?
> Thanks
> Alyre Chiasson
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