[Ottawa_users] New Brunswick User looking for help with GRASS andQuantum GIS

Sampson, David dsampson at NRCan.gc.ca
Wed Jan 16 08:04:11 EST 2008

My 2 cents,

It depends on what the question is. My feeling would be to post the
question and if it's the right place then it will get answered, if not
then I'm sure that someone will redirect you.

We had a GRASS workshop last meeting, perhaps you attended. I am not
sure if they got to using QGIS as the front end.

If you're looking for people in the region that can help with some
specifics there are at least 3 of us on this list that are avid GRASS
users, so you certainly have some resources at hand. Especialy if you
want to meet with some grass users over beer and a laptop to try out
some stuff.

If the question is more specific on the abilities and functions of GRASS
or QGIS then the matching mailing lists are great places to also post.
And funny enough at least 2 of us monitor the GRASS list either
regularly or occasionaly.

I have experience using another application called JUMP for use in a
Littoral study that was conducted in the region. Essentialy JUMP was
used for the digitization of field notes for various themes of the
littoral study, similar approach could be done in GRASS, or results
imported to GRASS, or heck just use POSTGIS in the back and access the
data from any FOSS4G source. 

I have used GRASS however to construct bathymetric maps.

So fire away and see what response you get.

Have you gone through some or all of these tutorials?

Check out the special topics too, you might find something related


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Hello all,

I have been subscribed to the list for a while but haven't seen too many
questions actually concerning use of GRASS and Quantum GIS. I am new to
GIS and an aquatic biologist that has convinced himself that I could get
a handle on these two programs to look at the effects of climate change
on freshwater fish distribution in New Brunswick. I don't need help with
installation and have managed to do some basic operations, have tried to
do my homework but have a number of fundamental questions that are still
alluding me that I would like to get past. Before taking up your time is
it appropriate to post such questions to this users group or is there
perhaps a more appropriate forum?


Alyre Chiasson
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