[Ottawa_users] New Brunswick User looking for help with GRASS and Quantum GIS

Alyre Chiasson alyrechiasson at yahoo.ca
Wed Jan 16 07:45:44 EST 2008

Hello all,

I have been subscribed to the list for a while but haven't seen too many 
questions actually concerning use of GRASS and Quantum GIS. I am new to 
GIS and an aquatic biologist that has convinced himself that I could get 
a handle on these two programs to look at the effects of climate change 
on freshwater fish distribution in New Brunswick. I don't need help with 
installation and have managed to do some basic operations, have tried to 
do my homework but have a number of fundamental questions that are still 
alluding me that I would like to get past. Before taking up your time is 
it appropriate to post such questions to this users group or is there 
perhaps a more appropriate forum?


Alyre Chiasson

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